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I currently hold 33 State DBE certifications providing labor services. I am a witness to limited accountability for the contractor compliance in the program. I will address this another a new blog. However, here is a pressing issue for the DBE program.

The SBA ruled from Jan 6, 2020 through Jan 6, 2022 a contractor by NAICS code can stay in the 3-year average of gross receipts or choose to use a 5-year average on the gross receipts to determine eligibility. After Jan 6, 2022, the SBA will enact the 5-year average on gross receipts as a new standard. Will the DBE program maximum increase the 23.9M and follow the 5-year SBA policy or will the program stay as is? I have been reading the Final rule

How will this effect the DBE program moving forward in 2021?

Diane Gurdak

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